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We opened our first dispensary back last year. Oregon is a great state to run a dispensary in because it’s legal to buy marijuana in our state. You can’t buy it in some states, like many of the states on the other side of the country. It’s a recreational drug in Oregon. Anyone over the age of 18 may purchase the plant from a dispensary, or they can grow it for their own use. It’s a pretty interesting industry to get involved in because I’ve been able to witness how our communities have changed since it became legal to use marijuana. 

My dispensary was one of the first ones to open up when it became legal to sell cannabis in Oregon. My state was one of the first to legalize the plant for recreational use. There are plenty of other states that have legalized it for medicinal use, but only a few states have the plant listed as recreational. This might change over the next few years, as I know we’ve seen the country open up to the use of marijuana for medicinal, or recreational use. Being an owner of a store where people can come inside, and buy cannabis makes this time for our country exciting for me to witness. 

It’s an incredible industry for our community to embrace. The plant grows nicely in this area of the country, so we’re able to keep most of our operations local. We grow the plant; I’ve known some of the farmers we buy from for several years. Some of the newer farmers are people that specifically moved to this state to start growing marijuana, or cannabis to sell to dispensaries. There’s an entire chain of command at these facilities that fascinates most people who are outside of this industry. That chain of command is not much different than other organizations, oddly enough. 

There’s a distributor that is completely legal, called a dispensary. Some dispensaries actually deliver the product, but my dispensary does not make such deliveries. It’s easy to walk into my shop, and walk away with the perfect product that you desire. Everyone has a different strain they enjoy more than others. It’s up to you to find the strain that you enjoy. My favorite strain is an indica and sativa hybrid. We’ve been tracking the types of strains that sell best using a Dispensary POS Software. This software also helps us keep track of our sales. 

It’s important not to get lost in the grand facade of owning a business that distributes marijuana to its customers. It’s a unique experience. It has thrills that you would have never known are coming, and you meet plenty of interesting people that are excited about the legal status of cannabis in our state. However, there are plenty of mundane activities that go on inside our shop. Those activities are vital to its survival, yet they are quite similar to what goes on in a corner store that sells goods to regular people.

What It’s Like Selling Cannabis