Hunters who enjoy a challenge and enjoy hunting during the daylight hours in warmer climates, might find themselves looking for a new sport. Blackbuck antelope hunting is one of the more challenging animals to hunt. These animals are native to India but were introduced to the Edwards Plateau in Texas around 1932. Today the estimate is that around 35,000 antelope are established and thriving in and around Texas. 

The antelope are quite a sight, with the memorable set of antlers found only on the males. The antelopes coloring is typically brown to black on the upper body with a white under body along with the ears and chin, the remainder of the face is dark, males have been noted to be darker than the females. The male antelope can weigh anywhere from 80 pounds to 125 pounds. The females are usually smaller weighing in at 60 pounds to the larger being around 75 pounds. 

The most notable feature on the male antelope are their distinctive horns. The horns form a V shape on the males and are notched and swirl around about 4 or 5 times before ending in a sharp tip. The antlers are grey or tan in color and can range from 18 inches to a rare 30 inches long. These impressive antlers make the antelope a very impressive mount. The blackbuck is territorial and establish an area of up to 30 acres. The males spend much of their time herding the females, although the females have no problem visiting more than one male. The females can have up to 2 babies a year, which helps keep the population up. 

The blackbuck is roaming a few exotic hunting establishments and their only wild predator is the coyote. The antelope can typically outrun even the stealthiest coyote. The coyotes typically rely on the old or ill for their pray. Even newborn blackbucks can outrun a coyote. Sometimes the blackbucks can fall prey to an extremely cold winter, when snow is dusting the ground and the antelope have a hard time finding enough nourishment to survive. 

Certain farmers do consider the antelope a nuisance as they enjoy the millet and sorghum grown by a few farmers in the Texas area. The blackbuck usually eats low to medium grasses or enjoy snacking off low bushes or trees. They are shy and timid animals and when alarmed can run at speeds of 50 miles per hour. This speed makes them a challenge and stalking them is often difficult due to their excellent hearing and sight. The skilled hunter will find better success with setting up a blind by a body of water as the antelope need to drink often and will travel long distances to the watering hole. 

If you enjoy a hunting challenge for your next big recreational adventure, try hunting the blackbuck, check with exotic gaming farms that specialize in the antelope. You will find this adventure challenging and rewarding. Not only is the mount a stunning piece, but the meat of the antelope is very tasty as well.


A Challenging and Rewarding Hunting Experience